The concept of the “glenoid track” attempts to define critical and non-critical Hill-Sachs defects in relation to the extent of the glenoid bone loss [Di Giacomo G et al., Funakoshi T et al]. Although the concept and the corresponding measurements are the subject of ongoing discussion [Moroder et al.], it is currently recommended that the following information is provided in the report:

  • the distance from the medial border of the Hill-Sachs-defect to the ISP footprint
  • the depth of the Hill-Sachs-lesion and
  • the amount of glenoid bone loss.

This glenoid bone loss is usually caused by impaction of the anterior glenoid rim. It can be measured in a high-resolution image oriented along the glenoid (“en face”). The lower 2/3 of the glenoid are approximated by a circle. The defect is calculated in percentage as defect width / circle diameter [Lee RKL et al., Walter WR et al.].